It's Transforming Catholic Parishes Around The World!

Has your Catholic parish experienced Light Of The World yet? Now is the time! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Light Of The World has proven to be an invigorating, rejuvenating, authentic transformative process for parishes worldwide, fostering a deep and intimate personal encounter with Jesus Christ for all participants.

Light Of The World promotes parish outreach, to welcome back those who have strayed from the Church, while inviting all those who seek a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Beyond a weekend retreat, Light Of The World supports participants' long-term faith journey, with small group support, continuing spiritual education and more.

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What's It All About?

  • evangelization New Evangelization.
    The Light Of The World Evangelization Process brings souls closer to Christ, and along with it, a renewed vitality for Catholic parishes worldwide.

  • Empowering RetreatInviting Christ In.
    The Light of the World Evangelization Process promotes personal healing and renewal through group discussion, personal witnesses, prayer and renewal of blessed Sacraments.
  • evangelization A More Holy Parish.
    For young and old on all points on their faith journey, Light Of The World helps them form a deeper, more personal relationship with Christ; which in turn helps foster a healthier, more holy parish.

  • Community-buildingStrong Community.
    Through prayer, study, fellowship and ongoing support, the Light Of The World Evangelization Process forms strong foundation-level building blocks to support and revitalize entire parish communities.

  • Authentic OutreachIt's About Authentic Transformation.
    Jesus asks us to proclaim the good news to all souls - the lost, hurt & indifferent. To answer His call to transform the evangelized Christian into an evangelizing Christian, there is the Light Of The World.

Bring Light Of The World To Your Parish In 3 Steps:

  • infoday Information Day

    The Light Of The World Team will hold an Information Day at your parish for your parishioners, staff and clergy. In this "mini" retreat format, your parish can will experience first-hand how the Holy Spirit opens hearts. A question and answer period follows.

  • Program ReviewProgram Review

    After your parish has participated in an Information Day and has all their questions answered, a goodwill agreement is completed between LOTWEM and your parish. A small fee is paid to LOTWEM to cover the licensed program content and the program is sent for review.

  • The RetreatThe Retreat

    We send a Light Of The World Team to run the first retreat on the behalf of the home parish. The LOTWEM team works with the home parish staff and volunteers to plan and conduct 2 more retreats. The travel fee covers the cost of the Team's travel.